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2023-08-31 14:04







• 采用高强度高刚性铸件底座,抗振抗冲击性好,能保证运动精度长期稳定性。

• 采用进口超精密级直线导轨和研磨级滚珠丝杠,保证运动的高精度和静音性。


•High-strength and high-rigidity casting base, good vibration and impact resistance, can ensure long-term stability of motion accuracy. 

•Adopt imported ultra-precision class linear guide rail and grinding class ball screw, ensure the movement of high accuracy and silence. 



• 采用伺服电机搭配进口光栅尺实现全闭环控制,XY轴最小分辨率0.0001mm ,最大运动速度可达250mm/s,绝对定位精度优于±0.002mm。


•using servo motor and imported grating ruler to realize full closed-loop control. The minimum resolution of XY axis is 0.0001 mm, the maximum motion speed can reach 250 mm/s, and the absolute positioning accuracy is better than ± 0.002 mm.





• 人性化GUI界面,操作简便、上手容易,支持中/英文切换,满足不同用户语言需求。

• 功能丰富,支持多达512个BIN数,单次可编辑Multi-site最多为256 Sites。

• 强大的wafer Map编辑功能,支持在线/离线文件输入输出,包含csv/txt/TSK二进制/jpg四种输出格式,支持GPIB、USB、COM、TTL、LAN多种通讯方式。


• User-friendly GUI interface, easy to operate, easy to use, support Chinese/English switching, to meet the needs of different user languages.

• Feature-rich, with support for up to 512 BIN counts, and a single editable Multi-site of up to 256 Sites.

• Powerful Wafer Map edit function, support online/offline file input/output, including CSV/TXT/TSK binary/jpg four output formats, support GPIB, USB, COM, TTL, LAN multiple communication methods.






• 根据客户样品可灵活配置接触式/非接触式/下托/上吸/陶瓷/碳纤维等多种叉臂,能满足超薄/翘曲/Taiko/蓝膜等多种晶圆的测试需求。

• 利用Probe腔体进行风道量化模拟和隔热绝缘安全保护,能胜任高温、低温、高压等多种测试应用场合。

• 自研独立式可拆卸Hinge装置,可灵活搭配行业内常见的各种测试机。


• According to customer samples, we can flexibly configure many kinds of arms, such as contact / non-contact / underrest / up-suction / ceramic / carbon fiber, which can meet the test requirements of ultra-thin/warped/Taiko/blue film and so on.

• Using Probe cavity to carry out air duct quantitative simulation and thermal insulation safety protection, can be competent for high temperature, low temperature, high pressure and other testing applications.

• self-developed independent detachable Hinge device, which can be flexibly combined with various testing machines commonly found in the industry.



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